Students from the University of Pittsburgh Johnstown, Pennsylvania; and Valley Grace Brethren Church in Hagerstown, Maryland; recently visited Urban Hope Philadelphia.  Here are testimonies from the groups:

Urban Hope made me realize that even though people don’t believe in God they let you speak about Him to them.  I’m going to start really talking to people back home about Christ.
Urban Hope gave me courage to tell people I know about Christ and it taught me that I’m not better but forgiven.
I have felt God’s love and felt Him speaking to me this week to take me out of my comfort zone to share my faith and pray with people.
Everyone deserves a chance to hear about God.  Whether there on drugs or are to poor or anything.  Everyone needs to know the Lord.

This semester of college was terrible. I developed panic attacks and started to run away from God. I was really afraid to come to the trip because I wasn’t praying. On this trip I was forced to pray. The stories I heard broke my heart. I prayed and my panic attacks got worse, BUT, I prayed. My shattered heart began to mend. In darkness I saw light. I will never forget the people I met and I hope that they will give me motivation to continue to pray constantly.
It made me realize how much I am capable of doing in other’s lives if I started to act. For example, how I could have approached my classmates last year.

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