Heritage Day 2019 was a great time of fellowship and growth. The special guests were Dr. Walt Mueller, Piercing Word, Ed Lewis, and Tess Schafer.
Ed Lewis, president of CE National, led worship with the vocalists from Piercing Word. Tess Schafer shared about a ministry at her church in Meyersdale, Pennsylvania, where they are turning plastic bags into mats for the homeless. Tess even brought some materials so people could work on the mats while at Heritage Day. There was such a positive response from the crowd with many people discussing how they would like to introduce this ministry to their church.
One person commented on Piercing Word’s dramatic scripture performance, “I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy Piercing Word but I found their performance moving.”
Dr. Walt Mueller, the main speaker, did an amazing job connecting with the audience. Dr. Mueller provided helpful tips, and ultimately challenged the group to be effective grandparents and continue to impact the youth by living ON MISSION.
Heritage Day was held on Friday, April 26, at Shady Maple Smörgåsbord in East Earl, Pennsylvania.
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